Arcade Machines

Video game arcade machines, also known as “Arcade,” have been very popular since, for years, we have found them for the entertainment of all types of public in shopping centers, bars, restaurants, and recreational sites dedicated to the recreation with varieties of these machines. We can find fights, shots, cars, motorcycles, and endless variations that we will detail later.

What led these machines to be a global trend is that to use them no matter the age, only the skills that the player has in each game depend. Today this market is resurfacing and becoming fashionable again, as more and more people want to acquire them for their home or business. And thus be able to enjoy the classics such as Space Invaders, Pacman, Arkanoid, and others, who remember the happy childhood of many.


The video arcade machines began to appear in the 70s. They were gaining more fame until the biggest boom in the early 80s, keeping in trend to 90, during his successful years was defined as the “Golden Age of videogames arcade,” generating a broad consumer market in recreational rooms, shopping centers, establishments, and domestic consoles.

We can say that the authentic arcade video games of the Golden Age are the ones that include first and second-generation video consoles. Japan is currently the country with more success and use of these consoles, launching new machines and titles annually to keep the arcade flame alive, in other parts of the world there are lovers of these machines that manufacture and restore them as a tribute.

Most Popular Games

With nostalgia, we remember our childhood and the famous machines in which we spend hours and hours of fun with friends in the recreational rooms of the time.

This is why here we will make an account of our top 5 of the best-selling and best known in history:

  1. Space Invaders

The most sold recreational machine in the world, managing to market about 360,000 units, became a resounding success while maintaining its essence “kills Martians,” in 1978, he achieved a record as the entertainment product with more money raised that year, which made it a true legend.

  1. Classic Pacman

Undoubtedly an icon of pop culture, launched in 1980, the famous “comecocos” managed to sell more than 350,000 machines worldwide, having absolute success in the US. UU and Japan.

  1. Street Fighter II Champion Edition

This famous fighting game won 140,000 units sold worldwide. The game offered to increase the combat potential with varied and innovative techniques that undoubtedly managed to catch its users.

  1. Pacman

Due to the success of the male version of this character, its creators decided to launch this female version, with better graphics and more colorful. It became popular in the United States since, for legal reasons, its commercialization in Japan was prohibited; however, this was no impediment to get the juicy sales of approximately 117,000 units.

  1. Asteroids

This excellent recreational space combat was one of the biggest successes of Atari, initially developed in the year 79, it was a simple game in which we controlled a space machine while shooting at the asteroids that hindered the road. However, the complexity is in the movement of the projectiles moving on the screen. On the contrary, with this, it managed to get the attention of the public and raised a juicy 70,000 units sold.