Types of Games

Arcade video games are characterized by having a short-term game format, which you can play several times with different alternatives and excellent playability, which can vary according to the type of genre you choose at the moment. The categories you will find are the following:

  • Sport Games

Created based on a specific sport class, whether football, American football, basketball, baseball, boxing, among others. Usually, the game is made following the basic rules of the sport. However, for a much shorter period of time, which will not last more than 10 minutes, usually, once this time has elapsed if the player takes the advantage, he can continue Playing.

Otherwise, if the game is tied or the player is losing, the game will be finished, and the famous “Game Over” will appear on the screen, one of the best-known sets of this genre is: Super Sidekicks.

  • Simulation Games

They are the games that copy the style of driving vehicles or weapons, among them, we can find everything from motorcycles and cars where we can get on and drive to flight simulators, tanks, etc. They are a type of machine with more complexity since they contain hydraulic systems that make the device move and have vibration according to each stage of the game, they also include seats, controls and steering wheels very similar to those in real life.

All this planned to offer a game with more realism for the player and a better experience. Some of these games bring in their configuration a brief history as a preamble; in other cases, it is only the simulator as such. Other of the best-known titles are Metal Slug, Crazy Taxi, Daytona USA, among many others.

  • Race Games

They are also simulated style based on the competitions of cars, motorcycles, or track, among others. They have seats and controls in the form of steering wheels, speed change lever what the difference of the simulators is that they have the as main objective to be within the ranking of a competition, preferably within the first three places or meet a specific time.

Generally, these games do not have a specific story, and it’s all about competing and achieving a victory. One of the most recognized is OutRun.

  • Action Games

They have a story and characters, in which the user must overcome levels with different difficulties, as well as perform quick actions such as running, jumping, evading, hitting, throwing objects or powers, etc.

Some of these games allow two or more simultaneous players, among the most prominent we can name: The King of Dragons, Double Dragon, Joe & Mac, Shinobi, Tumblepop, Ghost ´n Goblins, The Ninja Turtles, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Altered Beast, Ninja Caveman, Toki, Snow Bros, Sunset Riders Golden Ax, etc.

  • Fight Games

This game consists of the confrontation of two or more characters in each play, including several rounds of battles. At the same time, the player is winning will continue to face the following fighters.

It is one of the most popular and sequel genres. They usually contain a large number of characters with different styles, characteristics, and powers. The most popular titles in this genre were: Mortal Kombat, Rastan, Tekken 2, Black Tiger, The King of Fighters 97, Final Fight, Street Fighter II, among others.

  • Shooters Games

The main action of this game is to shoot, mainly focused on a character, vehicle, or ship with freedom of movement which moves through the screen. At the same time, different obstacles or enemies begin to appear to destroy it.

The primary mission of the player is to finish these obstacles and enemies first by shooting to fulfill his final objective. Some of the best known were: Commando and Time Crisis II.

  • Music Games

We can get them to type karaoke, dance, or in which musical instruments are played, this type of games are characterized by requiring dance platforms, DJ consoles, guitars, drums or other controls. They can be used in multiplayer mode, where each of the players will try to achieve as many points as possible through their best performance to gain victory against their opponent. One of the games that were not missing in any recreational site was Dance Dance Revolution.