upcoming shows

AUGUST 20th: Forget Tomorrow, Chivalry’s Not Dead, Brian Milligram, Disposable, Avenues, Breaking Tradition

AUGUST 22nd: Ladder Match, Hold On Caulfield, The Ones Left Behind, North Runner, Nice Shot Kid, Louis Pratt / With poetry readings in-between bands by Chelsea Delfino and Colton Cox

AUGUST 23rd: Nothing Personal, Space Cadette, Across The White Water Tower, Meaghan Gilbride

AUGUST 29th: SICK LIFE FEST Feat. Jlynn, Samizdat, Daisy Anabelle, Omega Jackson & MOR

**Anyone who enters the arcade shortly  before these shows is required to pay the venue fee**

Thursday, August 20th

Saturday, August 22nd

Sunday, August 23rd

Saturday, August 29th